Mini Diffusers - Layered Scents

Smaller Package, Same Freshness

Once attached to your vent, Refresh Your Car® Mini Diffusers allow you to adjust the fragrance level of your car. The smaller size allows you to put them in more areas of your car, without blocking the flow of air. Layered Scents products offer complimentary scents that can be used together or seperately.

  • Fast acting scented oils for a rich fragrance experience
  • 45 days duration per diffuser


Featured Scents

Psychedelic Flower and Neon Jungle

Psychedelic Flower and Neon Jungle is a trip ... for your nose ... that smells like herbal hibiscus, organic strawberries, plus peace and love among all passengers.

Summer Lovin' and Rainbow Kiss

Give your car some affection with Summer Lovin and Rainbow Kiss, which smells like a peck on the cheek of blueberries, sun-warmed sand, lemons, and blossoming bitter oranges.