Vent Sticks - Single Scent

Use your car’s own air system to dispense amazing scents.

Refresh Your Car® Vent Sticks provide an affordable and easy-to-use approach to adding incomparable scents to your car. Simply insert them in your vent and enjoy the fragrance.*

  • Solid fragrance oils deliver freshness any time you start your car
  • Fits in vent for discreet air freshening
  • 6pk
  • 4pk
  • 2pk

*Not all scents are available in all formats

Featured Scents

Cucumber Melon

Refreshing cucumber and smooth, crisp melon combine to lift the spirits and lighten the mood in any vehicle.

New Car

A masculine yet fresh and clean scent suitable for any vehicle. New Car scent brings you back to the day your car was new and fresh off of the line.

Stress Free Lavender

The calming scent of fresh lavender, sun kissed petals, and the feeling of relaxing in a bed of sweet florals.