Gel Jar

Refresh your auto interior and add a long-lasting fragrance experience in a discreet and easily hidden container with this Gel Can from Refresh Your Car!

Simply place this gel jar anywhere in your car, then adjust the innovative twist-top lid to your desired scent strength. Refresh Your Car® auto air-fresheners are an affordable and easy-to-use solution for freshening up the atmosphere of your car, truck, or van.

  • Fragrances inspired by essential oils
  • Fragrance intensity is controlled by simply turning the outer ring of the lid
  • 5oz Jar


Featured Scents

Invigorating Grapefruit

Awaken your senses with the energizing scents of fresh citrus and a fruitful balance of pink grapefruit that will invigorate your day.

Rejuvenating Ocean Breeze

Bring the sea into your soul with the rejuvenating scents of clean, crisp air and Mediterranean citrus blended with a fresh, floral breeze over the water.

Stress Free Lavender

The calming scent of fresh lavender, sun kissed petals, and the feeling of relaxing in a bed of sweet florals.