Vent Sticks – Dual Scent

Use your car’s own air system to dispense amazing scents.

Refresh Your Car® Vent Sticks provide an affordable and easy-to-use approach to adding incomparable scents to your car. Simply insert them in your vent and enjoy the fragrance.


  • Two scents specially formulated to go together
  • Solid fragrance oils deliver freshness any time you start your car
  • Fits in vent for discreet air freshening

  • 6pk
  • 4pk

Not all scents are available in all formats
*Eliminates the perception of odor.


Alpine Meadow & Summer Breeze

Alpine Meadow & Summer Breeze

Visit the alpines in the summertime with the dual scent of a Summer Breeze/Alpine Meadow and breathe in the inviting, fresh scent of incoming rain, lush green fields, and snow-white mountains.

Fresh Strawberry & Cool Lemonade

Fresh Strawberry & Cool Lemonade

Offer your passengers a cold glass of refreshment on a hot day with the dual scent of Fresh Strawberry/Cool Lemonade which smells like just-picked strawberries, fresh-squeezed lemons, a pinch of white sugar, and being crowned the perfect car-host.

New Car & Cool Breeze

New Car & Cool Breeze

Enjoy the very first drive in your car a second time with the dual scent of New Car/Cool Breeze–it refreshes your beloved car's interior with the aroma of rich leather, the smell of the air right before it rains, and the unmistakable musk of a new ride.


  • Blooming Tropics/Citrus Cocktail

  • Lightning Bolt/Ice Storm

  • Refined Nights/Crisp Sunrise

  • Rustic Escape/Sweet Berries

  • Sweet Berries/Fresh Linen

*Not all scents are available in all formats