Petrol Smell - Product Category

Petrol Smell

The other day James used my car to transport a large container of petrol and it left the smell of petrol in my car which was still lingering today. As we are travelling to the airport in it tomorrow he said he would go down to the office and get a couple of air fresheners to take away the smell. Anyway I suggested he got a Fogger from my sample room so we could see it in action and give it a go.... The result - my car smells amazing and the petrol smell has gone what an awesome job we were well impressed!

Zoe N.
Leicester, UK

Exceptional Scents - Product Category

Exceptional Scents


In my entire life I have never written to a company before to comment on their products. However, after nearly six years of using your Refresh Your Car! and Driven brands of air fresheners I felt inclined to send you a note. My first exposure to your Refresh Your Car! air fresheners was after a mobile car detailer cleaned my mini-van. The gentleman who detailed my vehicle gave me a choice of your New Car Scent or Fresh Linen Vent Sticks. I chose the Fresh Linen and now each time I go to the store I buy a new pack of sticks. My mini-van would seem so weird without that scent inside!

When my son bought his first car when he turned 18, my husband and I bought him a coupon book of car washes as a gift. After his first car wash he was offered Driven Ice Storm Vent Sticks for his car after the wash. On his own at Walmart he found that Driven offers other scents as well. He really loves the Into Darkness Scent Driven Bullets. Thank you for the innovative products and exceptional scents.

Our family will be loyal customers for life.

Francesca S.
Portales, NM


Hi Francesca,

I am really happy that you took the time to write us with your story. It always excites me to hear from people as passionate about our products as we are. The Fresh Linen and New Car Scent Vent Sticks are very popular with many people and I am thankful the auto detailer offered you some to use. I have a special place in my heart for our Driven brand and especially the Ice Storm and Into Darkness scents. As you can imagine I am constantly changing the air fresheners in my own car but it always seems I gravitate back to Driven Into Darkness or Refresh Very Cherry. Those two are my current favorites until I change my mind tomorrow and love something else.

Thanks again for writing in.

Matt Gallen
Refresh Your Car Product Development Team

Quarter Horses - Product Category

Quarter Horses

Good morning Refresh Your Car,

My husband and I own a hobby farm raising Quarter Horses not very far from Boise, Idaho. As you can imagine transporting horses and other animals often creates certain undesirable aromas. Over the years we have exclusively used Refresh Your Car air fresheners in all of our vehicles. The Refresh fragrances are always very strong, long lasting and pleasing to our noses. Thank you for providing such great products. Keep up the great work.

Laura G.
Baker City, Oregon



Good morning to you as well and thank you for the very kind words and compliments. All I can say here is that we do our best. We do our best to offer great scents, useful (and sometimes cool) designs with long-lasting, strong results. I can tell you personally the people here on our development team love what we do and love to hear from our valued customers.

Thank you,

Matt Gallen
Refresh Your Car Product Development Team

Travel Comfort - Product Category

Travel Comfort

Dear Refresh,

I am writing to thank you for saving my life! Recently I accepted a promotion within my company that has me traveling by air nearly 75% of the time. I could not refuse the new position but am deathly afraid of flying. After doing some research I found experts suggest carrying something on the plane that smells comforting. Some ideas were a special perfume, cologne etc. My favorite smell in the world is the Refresh Your Car Mixed Berries\Vanilla Cream Vent Stick so I carried a pack with me to put inside my travel pillow. Problem solved! I now fly with ease and travel with my favorite happy place scent.

Thank you!

Regina P.
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania



My mind is blown! I despise flying. Though I never thought about searching for expert advice about what to take for my own fear of flying, it occurred to me one day to put Driven Black Out Vent Sticks in my travel pillow. I thought I was the only one in the world… Thank you for being a loyal fan, customer and fellow travel pillow Vent Stick stuffer!

Matt Gallen
Refresh Your Car Product Development Team

Trout Smell - Product Category

Trout Smell


I am an avid fisherman and after a big day on West Canada Creek my truck often needs a burst of “Refreshing” air. Most times I pick up my gear from Bass Pro Shop but often times I pick up bait and other supplies from our local Walmart. On those days I purchase every single Refresh 5oz New Car\ Cool Breeze Gel Can that I see for sale. Those Gel Cans always get rid of any trout smell that may linger as I am driving home.

Thank you!

Vance Q.
Utica, New York



Thank you for writing in. New Car\ Cool Breeze and trout are two of my favorite things in the world. One great smell and one great taste! I may have to venture up north someday and check out the fishing in your area.

Thanks again!

Matt Gallen
Refresh Your Car Product Development Team

The Finishing Touch - Product Category

The Finishing Touch

Refresh Your Car,

I run a custom car shop in Boston and just wanted to tell you that the finishing touch to every job is a couple of Refresh Mixed Berries Sticks in the vent. Customers love them!

Bert F.
Boston, Mass.

Hi Bert,

Thanks for writing in and for the kind words. That is pretty cool that the finishing touch to your customizing work is our Berries Vent Sticks. I have a friend that is also a customizer and he said he knows the job is done when the fuzzy dice are hanging on board.

Matt Gallen
Refresh Your Car Product Development Team

Reuben in Love - Product Category

Reuben in Love

Hi Refresh,

I have been a huge fan of your products for about 5 years now and really enjoy using your Wick products. I recently bought my first Refresh Very Cherry Wick and love it. The scent fills up my entire car. Though I am writing you to compliment your products I must also tell you about my Dachshund Reuben. Instead of trying to stick his head out of the car window to get air, he now puts his nose right up to the Wick to smell Cherry! I need to send you a picture the next time he does this.

Vanessa M.
Studio City, California


Very Cherry is one of my favorite scents as well and I am really happy that you love our Wicks. If you could catch Reuben in the act and take a picture of him smelling the Wick I will post it on our website. Thanks for writing in and giving me a laugh.

Matt Gallen
Refresh Your Car Product Development Team

Rocky Mountain Fresh - Product Category

Rocky Mountain Fresh

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am a maintenance worker on the oil fields of Greeley, Colorado. All of the work vehicles we use have either Refresh Your Car New Car\ Cool Breeze Membranes or Fresh Strawberry\Cool Lemonade Vent Sticks. These things really make a truck smell better after a long day at work. I go to our local Walmart once a month to stock up on these little life savers. Thanks for making products that actually work.

Bob E.
Greeley, Colorado


Hi Bob,

Thank you for the kind words. It is really interesting that you wrote in. A couple of years ago I was on a flight to Pittsburgh and sat next to a gentleman from Colorado who worked on the oil fields and raved about New Car\Cool Breeze. Any chance this is you? If so, we really do live in a small world. Thanks again.

Matt Gallen
Refresh Your Car Product Development Team

Putting It All On the Line - Product Category

Putting It All On the Line

Dear RYC,

I have been using your products steadily for six years and my favorite scent is Fresh Linen. The smell of it reminds me of clothes drying on a line in the yard with a nice breeze. I even have tried to find a laundry detergent that smells like your Fresh Linen. With all of the choices of laundry detergent on the market have you ever considered doing a second linen smelling fragrance?

Dolores C.
Poughkeepsie, New York


Hello Dolores,

Thank you for contacting us and being a fan of Refresh Your Car Fresh Linen fragrance. This is a great question and I am glad you asked. For 2015 we will be offering two new linen types to go along with our original Fresh Linen. They are Sun Kissed Linen and Tiger Lily which will be a new Refresh Your Car Dual Scent offering and Flores y Frescura (Fresh Spring Air) which is a new Single Scent linen type of fragrance. As I mentioned, both of these will be available in early 2015 nationwide. Please email your address to and I will send you a preview sample of each.

Matt Gallen
Refresh Your Car Product Development Team

Adding Fuel to the Fire - Product Category

Adding Fuel to the Fire

Dear Refresh Your Car,

I am a retired airplane mechanic and also a huge fan of your Refresh Your Car and Driven lines of air fresheners. New Car\Cool Breeze is my favorite Refresh Your car fragrance. In your Driven line I really like the Ice Storm grenade. If I may, I have a suggestion for you, what would you think about making an air freshener that smells like jet fuel? It would bring me back to the good old days and also expose many people to this wonderful smell. Jet fuel scented Driven Dog Tags would be a great addition to your line. Thanks for taking the time to read my idea.

Bertram V.
Teaneck, New Jersey


Dear Bertram,

Thank you for your email and for taking the time to contact us. Thank you also for being a fan of the New Car\Cool Breeze and Ice Storm fragrances. These scents are near and dear to my heart. As I am sitting here writing this response to you I am trying to remember if I have ever even smelled jet fuel. When I fly abroad in a couple of weeks I will make sure to try and catch a whiff. As far as scent selection for our products, let’s just say anything can happen.

Matt Gallen
Refresh Your Car Product Development Team


Hitting Closer to Home - Product Category

Hitting Closer to Home

Dear Refresh Your Car,

I just wanted to send you a quick note letting you know that some of your Refresh Your Car products have uses in the home as well. I have discovered a couple of “life hacks”. One is putting Very Cherry Vent Sticks in my kids bathroom vents. The Vent Sticks really “refresh” the bathroom quite well. Also, our family puts Cool Breeze Scented Stones under the bag in our kitchen garbage can. When the garbage is taken out the garbage can gives a nice burst of Cool Breeze instead of yuck smell! Thanks for all of the great fragrances you offer.


Victoria L., Arizona


Dear Victoria,

Thank you for taking the time to contact us and for sharing the “life hacks” you discovered with our products. I actually thought I was the only one who used Scented Stones in the kitchen garbage can! However, my garbage can fragrance of choice is Pink Petals. Putting Vent Sticks in the bathroom vents is a great idea. I am going to have to do that in my kid’s bathroom as well. Thank you! Please email your address to and I will send you a special gift.


Matt Gallen
Refresh Your Car Product Development Team

Pacific Rain Cologne? - Product Category

Pacific Rain Cologne?

Hey Refresh,

A friend of mine told me how much he likes your Pacific Rain Vent Sticks. I smelled his car and the scent is really killer. The next day I was in the store and saw a Refresh Your Car Pacific Rain Membrane and bought it for myself. This thing smells so great I would like to wear it as cologne. If I pop the plastic membrane would it be safe to wear the oil on myself?

Rob S.
Toledo, Ohio



Though I too have been tempted to wear Refresh Your Car Membrane oils on my body please don’t do it. Our oils are formulated for safe use inside of vehicles but I do not think it is a good idea to put it on your skin. If you are looking for great cologne to try I really like Gucci Made to Measure. My wife seems to like it too.

Thanks for writing to us,
Matt Gallen
Refresh Your Car Product Development Team

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